Nathan Williams

Research and Development Officer

Articles by Nathan

  • Black Lives Matter

    by Nathan Williams | 04/07/2020

    ProMo-Cymru believes that Black Lives Matter. ProMo has worked with numerous young black people; they have helped shape our organisation. Black young people now need our help and that of…

  • Increasing Energy Efficiency At The EVi

    by Nathan Williams | 15/02/2019

    ProMo-Cymru is pleased to announce that we have received £32,523 funding from the Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme. This is a Welsh Government fund programme managed by WCVA. We will be improving energy efficiency…

  • Listening To The Views Of Tenants

    by Nathan Williams | 25/10/2018

    ProMo-Cymru is happy to be working on two new projects with leading Welsh housing associations and their tenants. We will be working with Cadwyn and Merthyr Valleys Homes. Their core…

  • Developing Digital Youth Work

    by Nathan Williams | 27/04/2018

    ProMo-Cymru is working with young people to develop digital youth work and digital youth information in the UK. We have been awarded funding by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to develop a…

  • Messaging Apps & Community Engagement

    by Nathan Williams | 03/11/2017

    Should you ditch email and just WhatsApp your clients and service users? We look at how the third sector can use messaging apps to engage communities. Third sector and community…

  • Why Accessibility Matters To Everyone

    by Nathan Williams | 21/09/2017

    ProMo-Cymru is helping charities find digital solutions to better communicate with users. We’re currently working with two charities that aim to increase the accessibility of their digital services and reflect…

  • TEC Model: Meic & The Morning After Pill

    by Nathan Williams | 21/08/2017

    Innovation doesn’t come from technology alone. It comes from understanding how people interact with services. And how to be of value to an individual. That approach is at the heart…

  • Transform, Engage and Communicate (TEC Model)

    by Nathan Williams | 21/06/2017

    ProMo-Cymru works towards building positive change and lasting relationships between individuals, families and communities. Providing innovative and creative solutions through meaningful conversations and digital technology. Transform, Engage and Communicate: Our…

  • Nathan’s Top 4 Social Enterprises

    by Nathan Williams | 06/03/2017

    As a social enterprise, ProMo-Cymru is always interested in learning how we can do good in an ethical and sustainable way. The line between non-profits and for profit making companies…