• Jumping on the Podcast Bandwagon

    by Thomas Morris | 06/03/2019

    Podcasts are undergoing a renaissance. Originally developed through a series of happy accidents in the early 00’s, the podcast format has now come of age and is an accepted mainstream…

  • Increasing Energy Efficiency At The EVi

    by Nathan Williams | 15/02/2019

    ProMo-Cymru is pleased to announce that we have received £32,523 funding from the Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme. This is a Welsh Government fund programme managed by WCVA. We will be improving energy efficiency…

  • Job Opportunity: Helpline Adviser Advocate

    by Andrew Collins | 07/02/2019

    ProMo-Cymru is a social enterprise and charity providing innovative development solutions in the social sector. We specialise in youth and family digital communication, child advocacy and the regeneration of community buildings….

  • My Volunteering Experience At ProMo-Cymru

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 05/02/2019

    I volunteered at ProMo-Cymru with the intention of increasing my photography portfolio to benefit my future career goals. Being previously aware of the organisation, I already had an idea of…

  • Celebrating a Productive Year at ProMo-Cymru

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 16/01/2019

    2018 was a busy year here at ProMo-Cymru with lots of things going on. We thought it apt that the first blog of 2019 looks back at all the things…

  • Welcoming Guests From Catalonia

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 20/12/2018

    ProMo-Cymru had a wonderful end to the year by hosting a special 2-day visit for guests from the Catalonian Government from 22-24 November 2018. Four senior officials from the Catalan Youth Agency visited ProMo-Cymru…

  • Instant Messaging: The Preferred Method Of Contact

    by Thomas Morris | 26/11/2018

    Research in the way that children and young people are contacting one of ProMo-Cymru’s helpline services shows the increase in popularity of contacting through Integrated Instant Messaging. This is overtaking…

  • Sharing Our Digital Youth Work Skills With Europe

    by Marco Gil-Cervantes | 21/11/2018

    This week ProMo-Cymru are welcoming Government representatives from Catalonia. They will be visiting to learn more about how ProMo-Cymru does online communication. This visit came about following a conversation in…

  • Listening To The Views Of Tenants

    by Nathan Williams | 25/10/2018

    ProMo-Cymru is happy to be working on two new projects with leading Welsh housing associations and their tenants. We will be working with Cadwyn and Merthyr Valleys Homes. Their core…