TEC Model: Meic & The Morning After Pill

by Nathan Williams | 21st Aug 2017

Innovation doesn’t come from technology alone. It comes from understanding how people interact with services. And how to be of value to an individual.

That approach is at the heart of our TEC model.

Meic is the advocacy, information and advice helpline service for children and young people in Wales. The service was designed to meet the needs of young people, by using ProMo-Cymru’s TEC model.

Meic can be contacted by phone, text, and instant messenger. Young people decide what way they want communicate with the helpline. Meic’s advocate advisers are available 8am till midnight every day.

Meic answers calls, texts and IMs about all kinds of issues. Recently, a distressed young person contacted Meic by text. They had had unprotected sex and were concerned about becoming pregnant.

The young person wanted to get the morning after pill. Yet they were embarrassed. They were also concerned about confidentiality. So we talked to them about their choices. Then we explained professional confidentiality in clear terms.

Next, we shared options about where they could get the morning after pill. Following on from this we explored the consequences of not taking any action. The young person made an informed decision. They decided to go to the pharmacy.

TEC Model info graphic for Meic and the morning after pill

Yet, on getting there the young person remained too embarrassed to talk. An advisor from Meic was then able to suggest that they show the pharmacist a written note on their phone.

Soon afterwards the young person re-contacted the helpline. After showing the note to the pharmacist, they had been very supportive and helpful. They had obtained the morning after pill.

This is what we mean by innovation and the TEC model. Highlighting how to engage and support through a human and digital approach.

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