ProMo-Cymru is a charity and not-for-profit organisation providing innovative development solutions in the social sector. We also specialise in youth and family digital communication, child advocacy and the regeneration of community buildings.

Working With Us

ProMo-Cymru has seen considerable innovation and growth in the last 30 years. We appreciate the importance of qualifications and experience but we at ProMo are also looking for right individuals who can bring something new and different to our organisation. There are several projects that offer staff the opportunity to develop their careers and experience different aspects of the organisation. We balance teamwork, autonomy and a sense of responsibility in improving our services and products. We work hard for our clients and partners and enjoy sharing the rewards with them. Employees are encouraged to be part of the leadership and decision-making process, giving personal attention to others and making each individual feel uniquely valued. Intellectual stimulation encourages a fresh look at old methods and breeds creativity. We inspire and motivate. This in turn increases optimism and enthusiasm while communicating high expectations. It also helps identify possibilities not previously considered. We have a shared vision and a sense of purpose while eliciting respect, trust and confidence. We are looking for colleagues that are able to work to these values. We require proactive people with drive, clarity and vision. If you feel you meet the above, we are recruiting and we’d love to hear from you!



We Are Recruiting Board Members