• [Closed] Job Opportunity: Helpline Roles

    by Andrew Collins | 19th Oct 2022

    ProMo-Cymru has three job opportunities to join the Social Action Team, working across multiple helplines. Renewed for another 4 years, the award winning Meic Cymru service is expanding and developing….

  • ProMo Successfully Retenders for the Meic Helpline

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 22nd Sep 2022

    ProMo-Cymru is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract to run the Meic helpline service, commissioned by Welsh Government for up to £2.3 million pounds. Based on…

  • Meic Covid Resources In Mental Health Toolkit

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 24th Jun 2020

    Meic, the helpline service for children and young people run by ProMo-Cymru, has been included as a resource in a Mental Health Toolkit developed by the Welsh Government. For the…

  • Welsh Language Case Study: Butterflies

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 13th Dec 2019

    Approaching work creatively, openly and consistently is something of a standard within ProMo-Cymru. These qualities have always helped us to adopt better practices and communicate more meaningfully.  While this may…

  • GATA – A New Advocacy Service Helpline For Gwent

    by Cindy Chen | 24th Oct 2019

    A new advocacy service helpline to support people in Gwent is being launched tomorrow, (25th October). The aim is for citizens to understand their options and have more control on…

  • Celebrating a Productive Year at ProMo-Cymru

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 16th Jan 2019

    2018 was a busy year here at ProMo-Cymru with lots of things going on. We thought it apt that the first blog of 2019 looks back at all the things…

  • Instant Messaging: The Preferred Method Of Contact

    by Thomas Morris | 26th Nov 2018

    Research in the way that children and young people are contacting one of ProMo-Cymru’s helpline services shows the increase in popularity of contacting through Integrated Instant Messaging. This is overtaking…

  • A Successful Open Day For ProMo-Cymru

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 5th Oct 2018

    On Friday, 28 September, we hosted the official opening of our new offices in Cardiff Bay, taking the opportunity to demonstrate our work here at ProMo-Cymru. Assembly Member Vaughan Gething…

  • A New Advocacy Service For Cardiff & Vale

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 15th Aug 2018

    ProMo-Cymru has developed a new advocacy service pathway and delivery model for Cardiff and the Vale. It offers support to citizens in receipt of social care and support services. Cardiff…