A Successful Open Day For ProMo-Cymru

by Tania Russell-Owen | 5th Oct 2018

On Friday, 28 September, we hosted the official opening of our new offices in Cardiff Bay, taking the opportunity to demonstrate our work here at ProMo-Cymru.

Assembly Member Vaughan Gething officially opened the new premises and guests from the third and public sector were given tours of the building, workshops with our helpline and creative teams, and demonstrations of how we create some of our video work. A tasty buffet lunch was provided where our guests had a chance to network, and spoken word artist Sarah McCreadie treated us to a live performance of the award winning Butterflies piece. Sabrina Islam, from the Ministry of Life in Cardiff, also gave us an impromptu spoken-word performance.

Opemn Day - Kitchen

Our Creative Kitchen and Below Zero Meeting Room

“The highlight of the event had to be the youth performances from Sarah and Sabrina. Both poems conveyed some of the challenges that young people face. They were delivered with real passion, emotion and talent,” explains Arielle Tye, Business and Funding Manager at ProMo-Cymru.

Celebrating and looking to the future

The day started with an opening speech from Arielle Tye, who welcomed our guests and gave a brief history of ProMo-Cymru and our work, as well as introducing our TEC model. Guests were then taken to two workshops. One demonstrated our helpline services and how they help young people, families and communities in Wales. The other introduced the work of our creative team.


“The open day was an opportunity to both celebrate and look to the future with our partners and friends from across the Public and Third Sector. There was a positive energy in the air as we discussed together how digital technology could help us to deliver more effective services for young people, families and communities. We look forward to working with our partners to take these ideas forward,” enthused Arielle.

Values and quality

Chief Executive Marco Gil-Cervantes explained a little more about the restoration of the building and the people who made it all possible. He then went on to introduce Vaughan Gething AM, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services. Vaughan is the Assembly Member for Cardiff South and Penarth so was proud to open this building in his constituency.

Vaughan Gething AM, Andrew Collins and Marco Gil-Cervantes

“I’ve seen ProMo-Cymru change over time. What’s been really impressive and important for me is to see the values that run through the organisation, and to see that being successful,” said Vaughan Gething.

“ProMo-Cymru has been successful because it has values and actually delivers on quality. They have helped to sustain and support people. It’s a pleasure to be here. I am a supporter and champion for this organisation just as they are a supporter and champion of the people it works with and for,” he added.


Positive vibes

There was lots of positive feedback from our guests as they left and lots of positive Tweets put out too:

“How to do an open day 101. Brilliant experience at our client @ProMo-Cymru today. Super impressed by the effort put in by one and all to deliver something above and beyond the norm”Steve Dimmick, Chief Commercial Officer at Doopoll.

“Really enjoyed meeting @ProMo-Cymru staff and their guests today at their launch event. Still have goosebumps from listening to Butterflies from @Girl_Like_SarahDTA Wales

Open Day green screen

Trying out the green screen

“Well done all. There’s a real buzz around @ProMoCymru and rightly so.”Mathew Gwyn Lloyd, Digital Communities Wales

“Great #networking event @ProMoCymru open day. Amazing spoken word by #youngpeople. So talented.”Gillian Wilde,  Holos Education Ltd.

A special thank you to Joff from Ministry Of Life, who provided the PA and technical support and brought along a young performer.

Open Day staff photo

Some of the ProMo-Cymru staff

Check out all out photos from the open day here.

Further information

If you are interested in any of our services or would like to learn more about our work here at ProMo-Cymru please contact Arielle Tye on 029 2046 2222 or e-mail arielle@promo.cymru.

Further information about our TEC model available here:

TEC Model – Transform, Engage, Communicate