Achievement: Bronze Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales

by Lucy Palmer | 3rd Nov 2023

We are delighted to announce that ProMo Cymru has received the Bronze Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales!

What is the Quality Mark?

Administered by the Education Workforce Council (EWC), the Quality Mark is a national award which supports and recognises improving standards in the provision and performance of organisations that deliver youth work services. To receive the accreditation, youth work organisations must self-assess against a set of quality standards and pass an external assessment.

The Education Workforce Council’s (EWC) Development Officer for the Quality Mark for Youth Work, Andrew Borsden said, “A huge congratulations to ProMo Cymru on achieving the bronze Quality Mark.

“Organisations such as ProMo Cymru offer important services for many young people across Wales. I am pleased to see that the hard work and commitment of the whole team has been acknowledged”.

One of the assessors, Mick Conroy described ProMo as “A snapshot of what 21st-century Youth Work should look like.” 

Marco Gil-Cervantes, Chief Executive at ProMo Cymru, said, “We are very proud of the young people we work with, our staff and achieving the Bronze Quality Mark – the process has positively helped guide us into the future.”  

A Team Effort 

We want to thank the young people who contributed to us receiving this award. This includes the Peer Researchers who are a part of the Mind Our Future Gwent project, the young people who are a part of Radio Platfform, and the young people who have worked on TheSprout. Their voices and experiences are at the heart of our work. We are continually inspired by their resilience, creativity, and passion.

We would also like to express our deep appreciation for our staff, whose work has proven to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.

Sue Hayes, our Corporate Support Manager, said, “I am thrilled to have led the successful completion of the self-assessment for the Bronze Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales.

“This achievement is a significant step in our commitment to design, build, and advocate with young people and communities to make good things happen.”

An opportunity for self-reflection and development

Applying for the Bronze Quality Mark has also provided us an excellent opportunity to reflect on our practices and services. It has reinforced our methodology of Service Design

It has encouraged us to continuously iterate to improve the quality of youth work we provide young people in Wales. This achievement motivates us to refine our strategies, adapt to changing needs, and explore innovative ways to empower and support young people.