Mind our Future Gwent (MoFG) is a £999,888.00 National Lottery Community Funded project delivered by ProMo-Cymru and Newport Mind. Our project partners also include local Minds and youth services in Gwent.

To make Mind Our Future Gwent a success, young people must be at the heart of it. We have recruited a group of 10 peer researchers aged 16-24 across Gwent to guide the project’s direction.

Project Aims

The programme aims to empower young people to create and implement a vision for a more resilient and mentally healthy future for young people in their community. We want to design new ways to prevent mental health challenges from developing or worsening across Gwent and ensure that young people get the right support at the right time, wherever they turn for help.

Throughout the 5-year-project, ProMo and Newport Mind will support young people to co-design and develop new solution-focused approaches to young people’s mental health and resilience using service design methodology.

Peer Researchers at a Mind Our Futures Gwent meeting on Zoom.

Service Design Approach

Initially, we are researching the needs of young people in Gwent and gaining a clear understanding of the support landscape. As to not reinvent the wheel, the project builds on what is already working in Gwent, identifies the gaps in services provided, and focuses on developing and improving these to support young people better.

Once we decide on the priority need, we’ll develop ideas and start testing them. We’ll learn from the tests, scale up the ideas, and deliver the solutions.

This process empowers young people to improve access to mental health support.

Working with ProMo

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If you’re interested in working with us to co-design projects with young people or help improve a service using service design methodology, contact arielle@promo.cymru