TEC Model – Transform, Engage, Communicate

The TEC model is a pioneering integrated digital communications model developed with a particular focus on inclusion, accessibility and reach.


The TEC (Transform, Engage, Communicate) model incorporates a website, an information, advice and assistance helpline (phone, text messaging, online chat) and social media that can be easily adapted for use with different audiences.

It is an approach we have successfully implemented through our projects such as TheSprout, CLIC, Meic, FamilyPoint Cymru and Bridgend Voice and Choice.

Our Approach

The key features of the TEC model are:
– A client-focused approach to deliver solutions that meet your outcomes.
– A virtual call centre comprising telephone helpline, text service, online chat and email.
– A single point of contact to access services.
– A platform for your key messages to be shared.
– A platform to engage with citizens and promote their voices.

Core Principle of the TEC Model



Focused on education, prevention, earlyintervention and self-help


Actively listening to and involving citizens in the design of the service


Providing the right help at the right time in the way citizens want it


Providing information in simple, concise Welsh and English

View a PDF of the full TEC Model brochure for Wales.


Our Services

  Call centre with trained advisors

Staffed by a team of highly skilled advisors, providing information, advice and assistance to end users. Operating hours are flexible, depending on your needs.

Strategic coordination and management

Providing seamless strategic coordination and management of service delivery to ensure your targets are achieved.

Citizen engagement and consultation

At ProMo-Cymru everything starts with a conversation. We believe strongly in consulting and co-designing with our end users. This process ensures that we create services and products which are valued by our end users.


Understanding how your communication tools are performing is key to informing ongoing developments. We will equip you with this information to help you track and evaluate your outputs.

Content creation

Creating bespoke, quality content to inform and engage with your end users, which can be managed through a content management system (CMS).

Branding and values

Working with you and your end users to develop the right branding for your service, ensuring you clearly and convincingly communicate who you are and what you can offer.

Digital communications and marketing

Devising suitable digital marketing strategies utilising SEO, Google Adwords, content marketing, social media marketing to connect with the end users.

Website design and development

Designing and developing websites, including SSL-secured sites, using a co-production approach to include features and functionalities to suit the needs of end users.

  Virtual call centre technology and database development

Putting in place multi-channel cloud-based call centre technology offering security and flexibility, and a bespoke database management system to capture cases for monitoring and evaluation.

“This is a great service. Sometimes you can ask professionals and they don’t always give the answers that you’re looking for or in ways you can understand. We’re looking for straight and easy information we can access.”

– Grandparent from Ebbw Vale