• Getting Arty at North Ely Youth Centre

    by Lucy Palmer | 21st Jul 2023

    ProMo-Cymru had the pleasure of working with young people at the North Ely Youth Centre, Cardiff, recently after being commissioned to create a mural, which turned out beautifully!  The centre renovated its…

  • TheSprout’s Frisky Not Risky Campaign

    by Halyna Soltys | 3rd Apr 2023

    TheSprout, an online information and blogging platform for young people managed by ProMo-Cymru, co-produced a sexual health campaign with the support of YMCA Cardiff’s Sexual Health Outreach Team (SHOT): Healthy…

  • Welcome Lucy 

    by ProMo Cymru | 14th Mar 2023

    Promo-Cymru is happy to welcome Lucy Palmer as our Digital Marketing Assistant. She will be helping us to speak with more young people and manage our growing TikTok presence.  Lucy…

  • Paid role: Job Growth Wales+ Research Advisory Group

    by Sarah Namann | 9th Jan 2023

    Get Paid to Share your Thoughts and Experiences on Education, Employment and Training Does this sound like you? -I am currently seeking employment and training, but I’m facing barriers and…

  • [Closed] Job Opportunity: Helpline Roles

    by Andrew Collins | 19th Oct 2022

    ProMo-Cymru has three job opportunities to join the Social Action Team, working across multiple helplines. Renewed for another 4 years, the award winning Meic Cymru service is expanding and developing….

  • ProMo Successfully Retenders for the Meic Helpline

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 22nd Sep 2022

    ProMo-Cymru is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract to run the Meic helpline service, commissioned by Welsh Government for up to £2.3 million pounds. Based on…

  • Young People in the Lead Survey

    by Nathan Williams | 22nd Oct 2020

    We’ve launched a survey asking what’s important to young people and what changes you want to see in Wales. We are asking these questions to better understand the priorities of…

  • Bringing Benches Into the 21st Century

    by Tania Russell-Owen | 16th Oct 2019

    ProMo-Cymru has been working with Renew-Wales to document, in video, the creation of a Digital Bench in Pontypridd. Renew Wales had an exciting project in the pipeline with a group…