Welcome Lucy 

by ProMo Cymru | 14th Mar 2023

Promo-Cymru is happy to welcome Lucy Palmer as our Digital Marketing Assistant. She will be helping us to speak with more young people and manage our growing TikTok presence. 

Image of Lucy Palmer wearing a black sleeveless top on a black background

Lucy started at ProMo-Cymru through a work experience placement arranged by Go Wales (now Career Confident) at the start of 2022. She ran a week-long campaign on the theme of mental health on TheSprout service. Lucy then became a paid member of staff working one day a week as a TikTok content creator and runs TheSprout’s TikTok account. Now she has been successfully appointed as a full-time member of staff for ProMo.

Lucy is passionate about using social media to inform and give voice to young people. On TheSprout’s TikTok she has run many campaigns. This includes the Cardiff Pride: More Than A Month campaign which had over 3.6 million views. She has also worked with YMCA to run a campaign to promote education and reduce stigma around sexual health. Another project she’s been involved in is the Our Mind Our Future project.

 Welcome to the team full time Lucy!