TheSprout runs regular campaigns in collaboration with young people, working with them to create content for web and social media focusing on a specific theme. #YouDeserve was a healthy relationships campaign created by young students in a collaboration with Cardiff Women’s Aid.

Funded by Cardiff Family First, ProMo-Cymru has been running TheSprout for over 10 years as an online platform for youth information and expression. The purpose is to make information easily accessible online for the young people of Cardiff. As a blogging platform it is also as their chance to have a voice online. They can share information, write and produce content creatively and get links to helpful pages.

A decade on from its inception, theSprout has developed and expanded what it offers. It has become a campaigning platform for young people, raising awareness of different issues. We offer different groups the space and support to create their own campaigns on the things that are important to them.

Banner image for #YouDeserve campaign

The #YouDeserve Campaign

We brought together 6 young people from Cardiff colleges and universities who shared their personal experiences of emotionally unhealthy relationships. Cardiff Women’s Aid had approached theSprout as they were planning a poster campaign in student halls. They were planning around a #YouDeserve theme, reminding students of all the ways they deserved to be treated with respect. We felt this was a perfect collaboration and the young people created a campaign to support the poster campaign, which would happen later on in the year.

Because of Covid it wasn’t possible to meet up physically. There were restrictions on meeting and all the students were learning from home rather than in their usual student accommodation. We held regular online meetings to come up with a theme and a content plan.

It was decided to create 12 pieces of content for a two-week campaign. The young people received in-house training in video editing, graphic design, branding and using WordPress over the 12-week period. The young people then created all the content, looking outside of traditional romantic relationships, and considering how the current lockdown situation has impacted many people. They covered sensitive important issues including gaslighting, bullying and honour-based abuse. They also created a brand image for the campaign.


The young people remained committed and driven while delivering this campaign, despite the challenges presented by virtual sessions, exams, and the Christmas period. Their incredible effort yielded successful results, with social media posts racking up to 123,000 impressions. Over 40,000 young people in Cardiff saw, interacted, and were made aware of this cause.

All content created are listed and linked here. If you’re interested in working with TheSprout or enabling young people to have a voice, contact Andrew at