The Abacus


The Abacus is an artist-led community venue that seeks to provide creatives with a platform to share their ideas with the public and other like-minded groups and individuals.

There was nothing like this in Cardiff city centre before The Abacus but there was a clear desire and need for it with highly popular pop-up events and a bustling art scene.

The venue includes two gallery rooms, ten artist studios, two music studios, meeting areas, performance and workshop spaces.

Our Approach

Previously Cardiff Bus Ticket office, it was spotted by local Artists the Modern Alchemists who approached us with ambitious plans to turn it into a gallery. The Council kindly donated the premises rent free and collaboratively ProMo-Cymru, the Modern Alchemists and many more Cardiff creatives have developed it into what it is today.

It has responded to the needs of the community and has grown in line with the people that use and inhabit it. It is run entirely through the support and input of volunteers, and self-funded through holding events, workshops and exhibitions. It is an example of pure collaboration.


The Abacus has fast become one of Cardiff’s most popular creative hubs. It is open five days a week, has fortnightly exhibitions, holds music nights, festivals, a variety of classes from hula hoop to sustainable living workshops, has a music studio and band rehearsal room and is ever growing.

It has not received any funding to date, and has self sustained through the effort from volunteers and self generated income.

The Abacus is now closed.

We are looking for a more permanent venue and applying for funding to secure our future.

“I have been involved in Cardiff’s art scene for nearly 20 years, and the city has been crying out for a space like this. Others have tried, and failed, mainly because they did not have The Abacus’s unique chemistry. It’s as much a state of mind as an art space, with no regime or manifesto, establishment or clique.”

Jon Pountney, Local Cardiff Photographer

The Abacus

(Old Cardiff Bus Ticket Office)

18-20 St Davids House
Wood Street
CF10 1ER

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