Imagining The Future – ProMo-Cymru Reunited

by promocymru_admin | 21st Jun 2022

ProMo-Cymru staff got together as a full team for the first time since pre-pandemic to share ideas, spend time together and imagine the future. 

The two-day staff event at Ebbw Vale and Cardiff Bay in May allowed staff to get together and reacquaint, focusing on the social aspect after years apart. 

ProMo-Cymru staff outside the EVI

Day 1 at EVI

The first day was held at our community and cultural centre in Ebbw Vale, EVI (Ebbw Vale Institute). ProMo saved the historic building from destruction back in 2008. 

Lots of work has been going on behind the scenes while EVI has been closed to the public throughout Covid. Thanks to funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund, there’s been a lot of development at the centre. ProMo staff were delighted to have an opportunity to see the centre looking fresh and renewed and still innovating 173 years on.

The day was spent exploring EVI, sharing ideas, playing ProMonopoly and enjoying social time with a meal from the curry house next door and a local comedian.

ProMo-Cymru staff playing ProMonopoly at their Imagining the Future Staff Days

Day 2 in the Bay

The ProMo Imagination Days continued at our offices in the Bay. Another day spent reconnecting, re-familiarising and recognising all the great work done by the ProMo team. We got creative imagining future branding and discussing a hybrid working future.

We reflected on our quick adaptation to the pandemic, training third sector organisations on digital, shared (more!) food and chatted as we took a sunny stroll around Cardiff Bay.

Energised and positive

Staff felt energised meeting again after such a long time and appreciated the opportunity to socialise while also gathering ideas and imagining the future for ProMo-Cymru.

I’m feeling energised from spending two days with colleagues. I’m blown away by the collective energy, passion and creativity.

Arielle Tye, Head of Development.

It’s great to have face to face conversations and interact once again – great energy, focus and positivity.

Dean Flowers, Engagement Support Officer

Such an energising experience! Seeing colleagues in person rather than just faces on a screen strengthened our relationship as colleagues and friends. The imagination sessions were abuzz with innovation and creativity. It was empowering to feel the passion and care that everyone had towards our work and each other.

Halyna Soltys, Content Writer and Producer.

It’s fair to say that the aim of the two days was achieved. Staff felt connected and excited to continue working together to ensure young people and communities are informed, engaged, connected, and heard.