• The Abacus in search of new home

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 29th Jan 2016

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Abacus had to close its doors on 18-20 Wood St on 18 December 2015 and is now working on finding its next and more permanent home….

  • Empty Walls Festival at The Abacus

    by promocymru_admin | 23rd Oct 2014

    Cardiff’s sensational Empty Walls festival kicked off with a memorable night of music, art and socialising at The Abacus on 26 September. It was wonderful to celebrate this incredible creative…

  • The Abacus

    by promocymru_admin | 8th Sep 2014

    The Abacus (formerly Cardiff Bus ticket shop) is a creative space for artists, thinkers and musicians to explore, practice and develop ideas. It is open for anyone to use, so…