Working with young people online

We all know the internet is essential for engaging with young people, the challenging part is often how you do it safely, professionally and effectively.


If you work with young people you need to understand and embrace digital communication. You know this, but somewhere between lack of time, technophobia, safeguarding concerns and headlines about social media blunders it can all seem a bit daunting.

We aim to demystify social media, build your skills and make digital communication work for you. We’ll help you save time, increase security and boost your output whilst managing the risks. We’ll work with you to develop a practical communication strategy: focussing only on the tools that match your needs and connect you to your target audience whilst providing training along the way.

Our Approach

If it doesn’t engage, it isn’t going to work. We ensure that whatever we do is interactive, fun and worthwhile for participants.

Online Safeguarding & Policy

Our speciality/focus is our experience in translating third sector and youth work policies to work within the realms of digital and social media.
Youth EngagementAn online presence is one thing, but actually embracing social media is key if you want to actively engage with young people. Whether it’s trending topics, flame wars or memes, we go where the action is.

Youth Consultations

Young people today are better equipped to share their thoughts than any previous generation. Often they are already voicing their thoughts on you — do you know how to find out what they’re saying? More importantly: do you know how to respond?

Social Marketing and Campaigns

Social media has the potential to reach a wide and diverse audience. With the right social media strategy and content you will be able to engage with young people effectively online and run successful campaigns.

Youth-friendly materials

We create and moderate materials to make sure they are in an appropriate language, style and format for their audience. We work with text, film, picture and art as well as having expertise in creating youth friendly content in BSL.

Media Production

We have a great experience of working with young people in multimedia projects. In the process they gain a variety of skills including communication, team work and problem solving. Our trainers are credited in PTTLS and can offer accredited training.

Skills Training

The sessions we deliver are adaptable to suit all learners needs, including those with disabilities. Our qualified teachers deliver a range of subjects with everything from African Drumming to certified ACU qualifications in Photography, Creative Writing and much more.

“And today, on my very last day of work experience (sad face), I got to sit in on a meeting about how the different projects use social media. SOCIAL MEDIA! The meeting was all about using Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and everything. Which I thought was really amazing because how many companies have a meeting just about using social media? Mind-boggling! – Swarnim, Torfaen.