ProMo-Cymru’s New Office: Comms Team 1st In

by Sam Easterbrook | 11th Jul 2017

The Communications, Media & Arts Team are the first tenants of ProMo-Cymru’s new office on 17 West Bute Street.

I’m currently sat in our new office at 17 West Bute Street. That’s right we’re still in Cardiff Bay but, vitally, we’re now much closer to Nata & Co and Pizza Pronto.

The Communications, Media & Arts Team have left Royal Stuart Workshops for good. We’re still unpacking, though the coffee machine is up and running – it is the heart and soul of this office after all. As such we may take longer to respond to emails and calls this week as we continue to unpack.

'Bye 12' for ProMo-Cymru move to new office blog - 17 West Bute Street

However, Management, Core Services, and Social Action, will continue to operate as normal. This is because they will be moving to ProMo-Cymru’s new office later in 2017.

Address for our new office

Our phone numbers are the same and our new address is:

17 West Bute Street
Cardiff Bay
CF10 5EP

We’ve got big plans in the Communications Team for the new office. We want to utilise the space to work more directly with young people and the local community. We’ll be blogging a lot more about our plans for the new office in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, why not swing by for a cup of coffee?

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