WCVA commissions ProMo-Cymru to create engaging digital content with young people and organisations in Wales.

After receiving feedback that their existing social media and online content was not attractive to young people, WCVA decided it was time for a change. Their aim was that more young people learn about the benefits of volunteering and also to upskill the County Voluntary Council staff so that they could engage better with young people online.

ProMo-Cymru worked with young people and a range of charities in Wales to create more engaging content, ensuring that it reflected the voice of young people and involved them in the process. We created videos, case studies and animations, staff were trained and guidelines were written on how to engage with young people on social media.

Young people whose lives had been changed by volunteering expressed why others should volunteer. All young people involved in the project said they were happy with the finished content. WCVA were also able to make links with National Rail, who ProMo-Cymru involved in the project as an example of youth volunteering through corporate social responsibility.

The digital content produced is being used across Wales and has been viewed by thousands of young people. County Voluntary Council staff expressed that the quality of training received was excellent.