ProMo-Cymru has been awarded £500,000 from The National Lottery Community Fund to support the Welsh third sector with digital.

The project is called Third Sector Digital Support.

We’ll be working with WCVA to help us reach third sector organisations across Wales.

We’ll do four things to create a positive difference:

1. DigiCymru

We’ve created a service called DigiCymru. This is to help third sector organisations with any challenges related to digital. One of our staff will be available to chat through any problems you may have and work with you to develop a solution or increase your skills and confidence.

We’ll also be offering support throughout the project on topics that organisations are interested in, such as:

– How can I use paid advertising to attract volunteers?
– What CRM should I use?
– Can you help me build a website in less than a day?
– How do I use Google Analytics?

How it works

– Tell us about your digital challenge/issue
– Tell us when you’re available
– Your digital expert will be in touch to organise an initial meeting
– If it’s something we aren’t able to help with, we’ll try to find someone who can

Find out more.

If you would like to get in touch with the team to discuss your digital challenge, book a slot.

2. Build up a network of third sector organisations in Wales to deliver training on good digital practice

If you are a third-sector organisation that supports a wider membership, then we can provide you with training and funding to deliver digital training workshops.

Contact for further information.

3. Provide bespoke support and training, and funding for third sector organisations to create co-designed digital services

We’ll be delivering this work in 2024 and 2025 and will let you know more a bit closer to the time.

4. Create and distribute content to show what good digital in the third sector looks like

This is how we define what good looks like when it comes to digital in the third sector:

– Solving a challenge or problem that people actually have
– Built with people through a person-centred design process or re-used from an existing project that undertook that process.
– Providing a good experience for the people who use it
– Allows people to access a service in the way they choose (this could also be face-to-face)

We’ll be expanding on this and giving you practical advice to improve your service by using digital.

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If you have any more questions, get in touch with for a chat.