Workshops equipping young people with the skills to produce films

ProMo-Cymru developed a film-training course with funding from Ffilm Cymru and the South Riverside Community Development Centre. The aim was to engage with 25 young people in Cardiff and to develop a course that reflected their interests of rap and hip-hop music. The young people involved learnt how to create their own music videos over a period of four months, allowing them to showcase their talents in an engaging way.

The project encouraged further learning, engaged with a wide audience of young people, and offered an Agored Cymru accredited qualification. We helped signpost them to further education opportunities and to other organisations that were working to the objectives of the Fusion/Pioneer programme.

“It was the first time that I helped to set up and direct some filming. I’ve been involved in making professional music videos before, but never had the opportunity to learn about the setting up and the technology behind it.”

SonnyDouble 1