National Youth Information For Young People in Wales

The Welsh Government awarded ProMo-Cymru the contract to run the National information and advice service for young people in Wales at the end of 2008. CLIC changed from being a static information only website to a dynamic and current online magazine which included young people in the running of it.

We established youth editorial groups who created content for the website regularly. This moved on to developing local ‘CLIC’ sites in every county of Wales, who each had their own editorial group of young people deciding on design and content. Whilst still providing quality information and advice for young people, it also became a bustling and creative space much loved by the young people of Wales.

We ran regular residential weekends bringing together young people from all the local editorial groups where we ran workshops and training as well as lots of fun activities. We also published quarterly CLICzines that went out to all secondary schools, doctor surgeries, youth centres etc. in Wales, giving a taster of what the website had to offer.

The project ran until 2015, with a back catalogue of thousands of articles submitted by young people and organisations. Unfortunately funding for the service was cut and we were unable to secure rights to keep the CLIC brand and continue with different funding streams. But we did learn a lot of lessons from CLIC that helped with developing further projects such as the FamilyPoint service.