ProMo-Cymru believes in empowering youth voice. We worked with Cardiff and Vale UHB’s Youth Board – using digital and creativity to bring about change.

We supported the young people to share their experiences and produce a video on the importance of Childrens’ Rights. Cardiff and Vale UHB will use it as a training resource for staff.

Our Approach

ProMo co-designed this bilingual animation to centre the voices of young people.

Initially, we discussed the aim of the video and worked on the script with a simple question and answer structure. It was important to base the piece on the real-life experiences of young people, and this method gave us insight into situations where children’s rights were not met and how this left young people feeling. We learnt that the most common emotions young people experienced were being upset, angry, disregarded and disappointed.

From our learning, it became clear that the biggest problem was when healthcare professionals addressed parents instead of the young people. We also saw problems around the use of complex language and misgendering of young people. This resulted in young people not feeling valued, heard and respected, or included in making decisions that affected them.

The insights from the young people framed the main message of the video: children’s rights are everybody’s responsibility. We jointly decided with the young people that the video’s narrative would follow two young people comparing experiences of when their rights weren’t met. We agreed on a cartoon animation style that fit the professional purpose while remaining fun.

The script featured real-life quotes to represent an authentic voice for young people’s experience. Following further co-design sessions and feedback from young people, our script was finalised. Young people from the group performed the script in Welsh and English, learning about audio production and recording voiceovers. This resulted in a video that gives an authentic voice to young people whilst supporting professionals to improve how they speak with young people.

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