Introducing Charlie – Kickstart Scheme

by Halyna Soltys | 7th Jun 2021

We would like to introduce you to our new Kickstart employee, Charles Fender.

At ProMo-Cymru we support the development of skills for young people and help to grow new talent. Meet Charlie, who we’re employing as a Social Media and Admin assistant through the Kickstart scheme. The scheme is run by WCVA to support us and develop her skills in digital media and content creation.

About Charlie

After completing sixth form, Charlie moved to Cardiff to pursue a bachelor’s degree in media production. Throughout the course, he was given the opportunity to explore all avenues of the industry through film, television, music, radio, and social media. It became apparent early on that his passions included directing, producing, and editing different kinds of online content. Some of his highlights included creating music video productions and producing a live-streamed music event throughout the final year of his bachelors.

Charlie carried this through to his master’s degree in Cultural and Creative Industries at Cardiff University. He chose this course in hopes of expanding his knowledge and applying theoretical skills to the practical ability he picked up during his bachelors. This is where Charlie developed a fine interest in elevating his social media skills to carry further into his career as a graduate.

How has the Kickstart Scheme supported Charlie?

Charlie’s role at ProMo-Cymru is supported by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA). WCVA are supporting voluntary organisations to access the UK Government Kickstart Scheme. It provides fully subsidised jobs for young people across the UK. As part of the Kickstart Scheme, employees will receive the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week. ProMo-Cymru will be increasing this wage to ensure it meets the Real Living Wage.

Charlie says: “After what felt like a forever long search for the right graduate role during such an uncertain time for many, I came across the position to be a part of the social media team at Promo-Cymru which I can happily say I am now a part of. I look forward to expanding my knowledge within this industry to the best of my ability and feel very privileged to be in a graduate role with such exciting prospects”.

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