Are you 18-25 and about to enter the workforce?

by Cindy Chen | 25th Nov 2019

ProMo-Cymru and Youth Cymru are working in partnership on a project called Youth Checkpoints on behalf of The Money and Pensions Service (MAPS). The aim of this project is to provide money support and advice for under 25s.

Good money management is central to a person’s health and wellbeing. Being financially capable and resilient is a significant skill for a young person to gain as they transition into adulthood.

This is an exciting project that aims to inform the future of how good, quality, money guidance can be taught at key points in young peoples’ lives.

We are looking to consult with young people across Wales between the ages of 18- 25, specifically targeting those who are ‘entering the workplace’ or going on to apprenticeships.

Through focus groups, we’d like to speak to them about their relationship with money, how clued up they are, how they behave and how financially aware they are.

Organisations/participants will be reimbursed for their time.

Please click here to contact Cindy Chen for more information or if you are interested.