Join Our High Street Heist

by promocymru_admin | 21st Jun 2013

We are taking over a shop on a high street in Cardiff for 6 weeks during July and August and we are giving both young people and organisations the chance to join us in this exciting project.

We Want Young People

Anyone from fashion designers, musicians, dancers, performers to photographers and artists who’d like to showcase their artwork and photography.

Any young person from 16-25 who’d like to perform in an exciting creative space and anyone who’d like to use the space to promote themselves. You can even make a profit if you are a budding entrepreneur and have a great idea of a product you are trying to sell or just have homemade crafts, this is a chance to get your name out there and create an interest in your products.

We’re also looking for young Shop Managers, Set Designers, Promoters. There’s even a budget available to finance some of the best ideas! Any ideas will be great as we want to see what types of things you want, and how you will use this shop to your advantage. It will be a blank canvas to transform into an amazing space for the six weeks it is open. If you are worried about transport or anything financial, don’t let that stop you as we will help with that too.

This is an amazing training opportunity for young people to learn new skills which will be transferable and a rewarding challenge for any young person, it will also add to your CV and the experience will give you a chance to strive in todays competitive job market. Another great part of this project is you can use the hours you do in the shop for Welsh Bacc as community hours, you only need 30 so that’s a week in the shop!

We Want Organisations

We are also looking for organisations who’d like to take over the space, this is a great opportunity for organisations to promote their work  and what they do but also show how great the young people you work with are. With the bad publicity that 16-25s get nowadays, it is great to show that they are not all bad and a lot of them have great ideas and can achieve great things with support from the adults around them.

As a partner with us you could take over an area of the shop or even the whole shop, we are up for discussing the possibilities and want the activities in the shop to be attractive to 16-25s, it could be something small or it could be something big, the bigger the support in this campaign the better, so get thinking and we hope hear from you soon. Do not hesitate to ask if you need any more information or just want to talk through your ideas.

For more information about how to get involved contact