somewhereto_ Project End

by promocymru_admin | 12th Oct 2014

The delivery of the somewhereto_ project is changing, and as of November will no longer be delivered by ProMo-Cymru. But if you’re involved with somewhereto_ (or would like to be) don’t worry! You’ll still be able to access spaces and all the opportunities that come with them. Even if you’re new to somewhereto_ and haven’t found a space yet, you will remain involved.

ProMo-Cymru began delivering the somewhereto_ project back in February 2013 and things really kicked off that summer with the High Street Heist: we took over an empty shop on Cardiff High Street and gave the keys to any young people who had an idea and wanted a space to make it become a reality. Throughout the summer holidays the High Street Heist became an epicentre of creativity: it was everything from a concert venue; cinema; gallery; recording studio; performance place; dance workshop; gaming station; meeting venue; awards ceremony and everything in between.

Since then we have worked with a number of young people to match them to venues across Wales, particularly The Modern Alchemists who – through their work with ProMo-Cymru and the somewhereto_ project – now regularly exhibit artwork in Cardiff City Centre.

We’d like to thank Livity for the opportunity to deliver such an inspiring project, and for everyone who got involved – whether it was as a shop manager, an exhibitor, or just those who turned up and showed their support.

For all future enquiries regarding somewhereto_, please follow the links below:-

Looking for a space to bring your ideas to life?
Head to

After a digital badge to acknowledge your involvement? (They’re great for your CV)
Head to

Looking for photos?
If you signed up to somewhereto_ over the summer you may have taken advantage of our free photobooth at the same time. The photos can be found here.

For older photos from somewhereto_ events, take a look at our Flickr gallery.

Any other questions?
Please contact Carys Tisshaw at carys[at]