The Cardiff and Vale Area Planning Board are in the process of re-commissioning all Drugs and Alcohol Services across the local authority.  

They are taking a bold, new approach and have commissioned ProMo-Cymru to support them to rethink and redesign a new system. 

Using our person-centred service design methodology, we have held a series of five workshops where we had the opportunity to collaborate with over 40 substance misuse professionals and service users.  


The end goal is to design a new model of support and treatment that places the needs of users at its core. 

We wanted to make sure that the issues of the real people behind the service were heard, therefore we chose to work primarily with front line workers, who could provide a clear perspective on all the issues and concerns related to the service.  

Service users helped us to inquire into the user’s point of view. Hearing their voices in depth was particularly important to us, to ensure that we got to the route of what really matters. 

By facilitating the discussion between the different stakeholders, we were able to uncover problems and find new solutions.