Planning an event? We can help!

by promocymru_admin | 12th May 2014

ProMo-Cymru is experienced in planning and organising major events, often involving and in consultation with young people, such as award ceremonies, conferences, concerts and launches.

ProMo-Cymru has sourced many outstanding venues for events, from the grandest of outdoor stages – the DepCult festival in Roald Dahl Plas in the heart of Cardiff Bay to awards ceremonies in historic Welsh venues such as Caerphilly Castle and the National Museum of Wales, and intimate youth-led events in various venues around the country.

We are able to provide strategic advice, supply staging and PA systems, prepare video and multimedia presentations, design and send out invitations, manage the guest and RSVP list, recommend caterers and menus, provide public relations services and run your events on the day.

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