MEIC sees rise in enquiries about children’s rights

by promocymru_admin | 28th Aug 2012

More than 12 months ago, a historic day occurred. The Children’s Rights Scheme was approved by her Majesty in Council and became part of Welsh Law. Since then, there has been a 94% rise in children and young people contacting MEIC about their rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Scheme, which contains a number of provisions which aim to strengthen and build on a rights-based approach in relation to policy for children and young people in Wales between the ages of 0 -25, also aims to fortify children and young people’s position in Welsh society.

The significant increase in enquiries from children and young people concerning their rights is a welcomed step forward in empowering and enabling children and young people to become an embedded part of the decision-making process about the society in which they live in.

MEIC is also proud to be part of a society that aims to put children’s rights at the forefront.

As children and young people continue to become aware of and exercise their rights as outlined in the Scheme, MEIC will continue to support them in moving this forward through self-advocacy and citizenship.

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