Meic out and about

by promocymru_admin | 5th Aug 2014

Meic has been getting out and about across Wales to raise the profile of the service and talking to children and young people about what advocacy means to them.

The aim is to reach out to more children and young people and help them understand their right to have their voice heard in decisions which affect them and their communities.

Meic is also glad to have had the chance to meet with the Young People’s Expert Group (YPEG), facilitated by Voices from Care Cymru, at a recent conference.

Meic spent the day at the conference listening to what young people had to say and taking on board suggestions to ensure, where applicable, Meic remains a service children and young people want as an option when they are looking for advocacy, advice and information.

Carrying this message forward, Meic has been canvassing Wales with questionnaires to be completed by children and young people, telling us what they would like to see in the future development of the Meic service.

We are currently gathering this feedback and releasing a report later this month.

For more information, please contact or telephone Rebecca on 07875 238042.