Informed Families Project

by promocymru_admin | 5th Nov 2014

This month ProMo-Cymru began a three-year project to create an effective national information portal for families funded by the Welsh Government Children and Families Grant.

Working to develop strong partnerships, connecting services and resources such as FIS, Families First, Communities First and Flying Start, the project will be led by the involvement of families throughout Wales.

It will enable those responsible for the wellbeing of children, parents, relatives, carers, guardians, professionals and stakeholders to be empowered to access information how and when they need it, in particular those in need of financial and practical support.

The first phase of development includes consultations with families and local FISs to define their needs, identifying appropriate technology, branding and web design functions, capabilities and navigation.

For more information, please contact us.

Photo by Loren Kerns.