CLIC Training & Accreditation Packages

by promocymru_admin | 4th Aug 2011

CLIC has developed a range of CLIC training and accreditation packages for professionals and young people.  Through our partnership with YMCA Community College, we have developed a bespoke training package in how to use the CLIC website.  These are available in Agored Unit levels of 1,2 & 3. This training is being piloted this summer and then rolled out across voluntary and maintained sectors this Autumn.

We have also developed accredited training for young people to help them express their views and opinions on CLIC and their local websites. These are units in creative writing, creative writing & poetry, picture diaries and video stories. These will be available on the ProMo-Cymru website under the resources section.  We can support the moderation of these modules to ensure your young people gain the accreditation this training offers.

If you wish to learn more about these training and accreditation packages, please contact Rachel Burton, Training and Accreditation Officer, at