by promocymru_admin | 21st Nov 2013

MEIC, the national information, advice and advocacy helpline for children and young people in Wales is supporting the Anti Bullying week campaign #ABW2013 to raise awareness about cyberbulling and highlight where to go for help.

The campaign is encouraging the use of new technologies like tablets and smart phones, to promote positive communication rather than being held back by cyberbullying. Young people can do this via social media using  the hashtag #ABW2013 to contact MEIC.

This year’s ABW2013 campaign is to promote positive communication and to minimise the effects by cyber bullying. In recent years the use of new technologies such as smartphones and tablets are growing rapidly. Cyber bullying has become a growing problem for users of social networking sites.

Cywaith is the Consortium led by ProMo-Cymru which runs Meic

  • NYAS – the National Youth and Advocacy Service;
  • Tros Gynnal – A Children Rights Charity;
  • Voices From Care – An organisation that helps young people who are or have been in local authority care;
  • Children In Wales

MEIC is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact they by phone, text and instant messaging. MEIC is confidential, anonymous, free, and just for you.