• Digital Youth Information

    by Alex Jeffers | 10th Mar 2021

    ProMo works to ensure young people are informed, engaged, connected and heard. We believe that young people should have access to information, advocacy and support in a way that is…

  • Co-Designed Digital Media

    by Alex Jeffers | 2nd Mar 2021

    We work with young people and communities to co-design digital media. From animation, film, graphic design, websites, apps, photography, podcasts and more. Your community has ideas, unique insights and creativity;…

  • Training and Consulting

    by Alex Jeffers | 2nd Mar 2021

    ProMo-Cymru believes in empowering organisations with the skills to make your communities ideas real.  We provide training tailored to meet your needs. Or if you want to go further faster,…

  • Service Design

    by Alex Jeffers | 9th Mar 2021

    We work with people who support their communities to design better services. We use a methodology called Service Design to make this happen. Our approach combines our experience in youth…

  • TEC Model – Transform, Engage, Communicate

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 19th May 2017

    The TEC model is a pioneering integrated digital communications model developed with a particular focus on inclusion, accessibility and reach.

  • Media Production

    by promocymru_admin | 13th Aug 2015

    ProMo-Cymru has the knowledge, skills and facilities to produce a wide variety of media products and formats, from animation (claymation) to short movies, professional photographs, adverts, and podcasts.

  • Skills Training

    by promocymru_admin | 13th Aug 2015

    We deliver bespoke training in digital literacy, social media, creative writing, film and animation to transform how you communicate your message. We can offer training for professionals, young people and…

  • Working with young people online

    by promocymru_admin | 13th Aug 2015

    We all know the internet is essential for engaging with young people, the challenging part is often how you do it safely, professionally and effectively.

  • Community & cultural development

    by promocymru_admin | 13th Aug 2015

    Healthy communities thrive when its members have opportunities to learn and develop skills, and there is a space to meet, contribute ideas, discover their creativity and envision their future.

  • Engaging with your social groups

    by promocymru_admin | 12th Aug 2015

    Everyday we engage with young people, families, community & arts and cultural groups, so come to us to find out how…