Our ongoing work and consultation with young people has identified their need to have a stronger voice they can put towards social change and policies. They also respond well to encouragement of self-expression through creative freedom and the having a voice within multimedia and social media. However, evidence from our previous projects suggests authorities are not good at digital methods of working, and are steering away from these communication methods.

Our Approach

KLU will increase its user’s voices so they have better control within their lives and communities. As well as encouraging self expression and creativity, the magazine will empower young people to have a powerful voice on issues concerning them. This will range from experiences they are going through and need support with, to broader opinions regarding policies affecting young people.


An editorial team is in place and working on building the brand and content, along with the young people involved, including brand ambassadors. This will take some time, but will involve a creative journey between contributors, in order to identify the best content and ensure a consistent turnover of curated articles.

“A magazine based for young people doesn’t seem to exist in Wales unless it’s a school newsletter or purely educational based so it’d be great to have one fill the gap!”

Jazmin, RCT


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