New ‘Getting Help’ Pages for Meic

by Halyna Soltys | 31st Jan 2024

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Meic strives to make information easily accessible to support the well-being of children and young people in Wales.

Meic’s web development project

Meic is the helpline service for those under 25 in Wales. The service is managed by ProMo Cymru and funded by Welsh Government.

The service has enhanced its user experience by introducing new ‘Getting Help‘ pages on the website. This development is part of their commitment to make it easier for young people to access vital information and advice about issues that matter to them.

Developing a user-friendly interface with tailored categories

Previously, service users would use the search bar to find relevant blogs. This meant it wasn’t an easy process unless you knew exactly what you were looking for. The new ‘Getting Help’ pages are strategically placed on the homepage for easy access.

The ‘Getting Help’ pages organise content into distinct categories and sub-categories. The topics address specific aspects of life for young people, such as mental health, grief, vaping, bullying, exam stress, money problems, and making friends.

Blogs are tagged across multiple relevant categories, so children and young people have the best chance of finding the information they’re looking for.

By categorising in this way, the Meic team has identified the gaps in content. They have developed a content plan to ensure that young people can find the information they’re looking for.

Holistic support

Meic understands the importance of a holistic approach to mental health and well-being. The ‘Getting Help’ pages include links to external services that address specific challenges. This interconnected web of resources ensures that children and young people can access the help they need beyond Meic’s platform.

By providing information and advice on the ‘Getting Help’ pages, children and young people can access this support in their own time when needed. This is useful for those young people who want informal support but don’t want to chat with someone. Those who need more support are directed and encouraged to talk to the advisers on the Meic helpline.

New look and feel

In 2023, Meic launched its TikTok account. The aim was to reach more children and young people in Wales, providing support in the spaces they already were.

Through this development, young people co-produced a new look and feel for the platform, including creating category mascots. The hand-drawn digital characters represent the category and help to illustrate information. Examples include a pig for the money category and a leaf for the environment category.

This design has been incorporated into the ‘Getting Help’ pages to illustrate the content and ensure consistency on and off social media.

As with the Meic helpline service, the website content is available bilingually. This offers flexibility to users in choosing their preferred language of communication.


The introduction of the ‘Getting Help’ pages marks a significant stride in Meic’s mission to empower young people in Wales.

With a user-friendly design, rich blog content, and links to external services, Meic ensures that its platform is not just a helpline but a hub of support and information.

As children and young people navigate the complexities of life, Meic is here to listen, assist, guide, and support the youth of Wales.