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  1. Imagining The Future – ProMo-Cymru Reunited

    by promocymru_admin | 21st Jun 2022

    ProMo-Cymru staff got together as a full team for the first time since pre-pandemic to share ideas, spend time together and imagine the future. 

    The two-day staff event at Ebbw Vale and Cardiff Bay in May allowed staff to get together and reacquaint, focusing on the social aspect after years apart. 

    ProMo-Cymru staff outside the EVI

    Day 1 at EVI

    The first day was held at our community and cultural centre in Ebbw Vale, EVI (Ebbw Vale Institute). ProMo saved the historic building from destruction back in 2008. 

    Lots of work has been going on behind the scenes while EVI has been closed to the public throughout Covid. Thanks to funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund, there’s been a lot of development at the centre. ProMo staff were delighted to have an opportunity to see the centre looking fresh and renewed and still innovating 173 years on.

    The day was spent exploring EVI, sharing ideas, playing ProMonopoly and enjoying social time with a meal from the curry house next door and a local comedian.

    ProMo-Cymru staff playing ProMonopoly at their Imagining the Future Staff Days

    Day 2 in the Bay

    The ProMo Imagination Days continued at our offices in the Bay. Another day spent reconnecting, re-familiarising and recognising all the great work done by the ProMo team. We got creative imagining future branding and discussing a hybrid working future.

    We reflected on our quick adaptation to the pandemic, training third sector organisations on digital, shared (more!) food and chatted as we took a sunny stroll around Cardiff Bay.

    Energised and positive

    Staff felt energised meeting again after such a long time and appreciated the opportunity to socialise while also gathering ideas and imagining the future for ProMo-Cymru.

    I’m feeling energised from spending two days with colleagues. I’m blown away by the collective energy, passion and creativity.

    Arielle Tye, Head of Development.

    It’s great to have face to face conversations and interact once again – great energy, focus and positivity.

    Dean Flowers, Engagement Support Officer

    Such an energising experience! Seeing colleagues in person rather than just faces on a screen strengthened our relationship as colleagues and friends. The imagination sessions were abuzz with innovation and creativity. It was empowering to feel the passion and care that everyone had towards our work and each other.

    Halyna Soltys, Content Writer and Producer.

    It’s fair to say that the aim of the two days was achieved. Staff felt connected and excited to continue working together to ensure young people and communities are informed, engaged, connected, and heard.

  2. New Renew Wales projects in 2015

    by promocymru_admin | 25th Feb 2015

    16372259632_30c121a689 (2)Having had a very successful end to 2014 with our pallet-making workshops at The Abacus, we are now engaging with other community groups in Wales to set up environmental projects through the Renew Wales initiative.

    Last year, ProMo-Cymru worked with six community groups to carry out a variety of projects aimed at tackling climate change, and in 2015 will be engaging with two other groups to continue this work.

    The first group we are working with this year is DrM’z Youth Club in Carmarthen. We have planned 2 workshops with them to turn pallets into outdoor benches for the youth club. To get involved, contact us!

  3. New staff: Stephanie Hoffman

    by promocymru_admin | 20th Feb 2015

    16186164399_d65e8a414b_zThe Meic Helpline is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephanie Hoffman who joined us as head of Meic on 5 January.

    Steph brings with her an array of skills and qualities acquired through 25 years of working at senior management level in the third sector in Wales.

    Steph has this to say about coming onboard with Meic: “I want the message ‘Meic is on your side’ to get out as widely as possible. In particular, I want Meic to be a shouting mouthpiece for the voices of the children and young people who contact us daily, concerned about so many things, and in particular, their relationships, and mental and physical health.”

    Steph adds, “I’m really looking forward to developing this exciting and innovative service, working in partnership with our stakeholders to ensure the voices of children and young people in Wales are heard, loud and clear.”

  4. News from Ebbw Vale Institute

    by promocymru_admin | 19th Feb 2015

    5739990794_ae00e86b00In December 2014, our Audiolab recording studio had a full-page advert in Buzz magazine, plus a session recorded for local radio station BRfm by Uncle Frank (Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ drummer and Happy Mondays’ guitarist).

    The up-and-coming Merthyr band, Pretty Vicious, who recorded their first track at our studios were being chased by a number of record companies and have now signed a major record deal with Virgin EMI.

    Gigs-wise, we had the guitarist of Motorhead, Phil Campbell, bring his All Star band for a near sell-out show on the 21 December 2014, plus performances by upcoming local starlets Florence Black and Foreigners Journey tribute act.

    To find out what exciting events and gigs we have lined up over the next few months, please click here!

  5. A busy December for The Abacus

    by promocymru_admin | 16th Feb 2015

    16370876621_d862173becThe Abacus had a busy December with art, music and craft events. It attracted over 1,000 people through the door and at least 40 people were involved in exhibiting, showcasing and selling their wares.

    The highlight of the month had to be the Piano Pieces concert/exhibition orchestrated by Daniel-Wyn Jones, which resulted in two antique pianos being smashed to pieces.

    On 5 December 2014, ProMo staff and board members turned the spacious venue into a cosy space for ProMo-Cymru’s annual Christmas party, with a delicious spread provided by Kahve Café at Ebbw Vale Institute, and after-dinner games to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

    The Abacus is becoming a place that offers something unique and different. It aims to push the boundaries and deliver unexpected, experimental and original experiences.

    The Abacus is available for hire for private or corporate events. If you’d like to use it or get involved, please email us.

  6. Informed Families Project – Phase 1

    by promocymru_admin | 12th Feb 2015

    8555364755_75a8b3a55a_zPhase 1 of the development of a national communications hub for families in Wales to get information they need is currently underway.

    This involves consulting with families and partners on the design, content, methods of access and ways of promotion. If know of families we could work with or would like to know more about the project, please get in touch.

    A Marketing and Communications Officer has also come into post with a focus on developing a suitable multi-stakeholder communications strategy for the Informed Families Project.

    Photo credit: Loren Kerns

  7. ProMo-Cymru turned 30!

    by promocymru_admin | 10th Feb 2015

    15812658497_f3fbe94b3d_z (2)ProMo-Cymru celebrated its 30th anniversary last year with an exhibition about its journey at Cardiff Story Museum.

    From a co-operative in the 80s that provided business advice to social enterprises, to developing projects supporting young people in cultural industries in the 90s, ProMo-Cymru has today grown to become a thriving organisation.

    We held an opening night launch on 4 December 2014 at Cardiff Story Museum with the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Alun Michael as the guest of honour.

    The highlight of the evening was the screening of a special ProMo Story video, which you can watch here.

    You can also click here to see photos from the night.

    The ProMo-Cymru Story exhibition runs until 31 May 2015. You can find it on the basement level of the museum.

    Cardiff Story Museum is at The Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF10 1BH.


  8. Updates from the CLIC Collective

    by promocymru_admin | 19th Dec 2014


    We are delighted to welcome the new editorial team behind Swoosh in the Vale of Glamorgan. Editor Kieron Dibbs at the Barry YMCA Hub will be engaging established and new faces back to the Swoosh Editorial Group.

    The group will be made up of two teams – journalists and filmmakers – with the latter being able to take advantage of the studios, camera equipment and editing suites at the facility.

    We had a sneak peak at what’s available, including state of the art green screen technology, allowing reporters to place themselves in a cosy studio or on location in a snowstorm. Exciting times indeed!

    If you’re in the Vale and want to get involved, contact project manager Mike Smith at or on 07837 498417.

    We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the awesome staff at Vibe, which has sadly closed its doors. Dominique, Becky and all the crew have successfully guided Swoosh and the editorial group over the last five years, making it one of the best sites in the CLICcollective.


    We’ve had another busy month here at Here is how two large organisations have fed theSprout this month.

    Firstly, October saw Blog Action day, when thousands of people all over the world wrote about what inequality means to them. Renew Wales wrote to us on ‘Inequality must end with something we all share: the environment’.

    They truly utilised this great opportunity to engage with young people and their article was well-received.

    Secondly, October also saw the Welsh Government’s (WG) latest Real Conversation – a not-to-be missed event if you’re into your “have your say” vibes – where over 100 young people, employers and other professionals shared their views on apprenticeships and workforce discrimination. These were all noted for future policy-making, but additions for the WG can be made via theSprout and via CLIConline.

    So, if you would like to get your views across for young people in Cardiff, we could be helping you get heard. Get in touch!

  9. ProMo at Locality Convention 2014

    by promocymru_admin | 17th Dec 2014

    ProMo-Cymru was thrilled to have been a part of Locality and DTA Wales’ pioneering Annual Convention in Cardiff City Hall on 17 and 18 November.

    We participated in this inspiring, progressive and ambitious event, serving the common aim of developing equitable, resilient UK communities.

    Our Chief Executive Marco Gil-Cervantes presented a workshop at the convention with Gabriella Brent from Kids Company titled Working with Young People.

    In addition, delegates also had the opportunity to visit ProMo-Cymru, included in the convention as an example of one of Cardiff’s outstanding social and community enterprises.

  10. Renew Wales Pallet Furniture Making Workshops

    by promocymru_admin | 15th Dec 2014

    Staff members from ProMo-Cymru and some of our volunteers have been busy creating furniture out of wooden pallets for the Abacus.

    This project is part of the Renew Wales initiative in promoting awareness and taking action on environmental issues.

    With an experienced trainer fully funded by Renew Wales to show us how to re-use the wooden pallets, we were able to create unique pieces of upcycled furniture, including festive Christmas trees. Click here to see the full photo gallery!

    We will be doing a similar workshop with young people from Dr.M’z in Carmarthen in January 2015.

    If you would like to go green and need some inspirations on how to do so, please contact us!