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  1. All Different, All Equal – Meic’s Latest Anti-Bullying Campaign

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 6th Oct 2017

    It’s Anti-Bullying Week soon (13th – 17th November), and Meic has filmed its latest campaign – All Different, All Equal.

    All Different, All Equal - Meic's latest anti-bullying campaign

    Preview of the main scene from All Different, All Equal Meic’s latest anti-bullying campaign.

    All Different, All Equal is a resource pack that is being distributed in primary and secondary schools in each county in Wales. The anti-bullying video showcases one scenario from three different points of view.

    The story is narrated from the point of view of a victim, a bully, and the middle man. It encourages discussion on the topic of bullying. A list of suggested questions will be also incorporated in the pack.

    Is the young person a bully?

    Has this happened before?

    How does the victim feel?

    Who could he ask for help?

    What did the middle man see? Is it enough to report? Should they tell a teacher?

    What could have been done differently?

    All Different, All Equal - Meic's latest anti-bullying campaign

    Megan Pudney, ProMo’s Communications Assistant, practising the Welsh lines with the young actors.

    We invited young actors to join the ProMo crew and be part of the film. We always work this way, to share opportunities and training. A total of eight young people travelled from different parts of South Wales to Cardiff Bay where the filming took place. We couldn’t be more grateful to all involved.

    The resource pack will be available soon and downloadable from the Meic site. Keep checking back here for news of its release. Also keep an eye on ProMo-Cymru’s Facebook and Twitter for teasers.

    All Different, All Equal - Meic's latest anti-bullying campaign

    Photos taken by Cerys, one of the parents, on the day of filming.

    ProMo-Cymru runs the Meic project on behalf of Welsh Government.

    Meic is the information, advice and advocacy helpline for young people in Wales. It is open from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. Contact Meic by phone (080880 23456), and also text (84001) and instant messaging.

    All Different, All Equal - Meic's latest anti-bullying campaign

    Photos taken by Cerys, one of the parents, on the day of filming.

    Everything starts with a conversation

    ProMo-Cymru works towards building positive change and lasting relationships between individuals, families and communities. Providing innovative and creative solutions through meaningful conversations and digital technology. If you’d like to discuss how our TEC Model can help your organisation then get in touch.

    029 2046 2222

    TEC Model: Meic & The Morning After Pill

  2. Digital, Innovation and Marketing In The Third Sector

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 4th Jan 2017

    ProMo-Cymru is looking to develop how we support third sector and community involving organisations with marketing, communications, ICT and innovation.

    We would like to find out what kind of support would best help your organisation achieve its aims and would really appreciate two minutes of your time to fill out this survey.
    As a New Year gift, we’ll also be giving away £50 of Love 2 Shop vouchers to one randomly selected organisation.

  3. How To Create Low Cost, High-Impact Content

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 27th Oct 2016

    Everybody has a smart phone nowadays or even a tablet. And they can really help you to create engaging HD media content for your website, social media channels or presentation, and (best of all) at a very low cost!


    You don’t really need to be an amazing videographer to create decent content for your site. Smart phones and tablets are leading the way in social media, even YouTube, so you can start creating your first video following these simple steps.

    What you really need:

    1. Smart phone or tablet
    2. Mini tripod (prices from £5 like this one, or a more more professional one like this other)
    3. Lenses (optional from £6 – 3 in 1)


    So now let’s have a look at the process:

    1. Choose where you want to film. The most important element when choosing your location is light! Even non-professional cameras need it, so select a place with lots of natural lights. You can set up your space near a window (never against it, as it will create a silhouette) or even film outside!
    1. Placing your object/person/people in the film. The best way to place your person/object is far from the background. This will help you to blur what’s behind and focus the attention on the foreground. Use props to enhance the look of the video.
    1. Set up the camera. What really matters here is the point of view. For example, you might have seen lots of cooking videos where the angle of the camera is directly overhead, like this video by Tasty. This is called a “birds – eye view”. Choose the right angle depending on how and where the action is taking place so your audience won’t miss what is happening. View here the different types of shots and their uses.
    1. Time to film! After practising a couple of times, you’re ready to press the record button! Make sure everybody stays quiet if you’re talking to the camera.
    1. Editing your footage. There are plenty of free apps that you can use to edit your videos, such as Adobe Premiere Clip. These apps will let you cut your footage easily; adding titles and music, including filters! You can download it here for Google Play, or here on iTunes.
    1. Export your clip. Once you’re happy with the result, you can save your video on your device and/or share it straight online. It’s never been so easy!

    “We spent a day with Dayana and Dan and learnt a lot about how to make simple pieces of media in order to portray some of our key messages across to our audiences.

    It was very insightful and their enthusiasm for creation was infectious. They had even prepared materials for us to make a short clip which we could upload straight away.

    Thank-you for your tailored tuition and time put towards ensuring that we took useful and practical elements from the time spent at the workshop.”

    Martha-Jane Powell, Switched On Team

    See how they used video to enhance content on their site.

    We’d love to see your videos online soon!

    If you want to make the most of your video, we can offer 1-day training sessions to organisations. Our packages are very competitively priced, so please contact us for more information or for tailored training!

    Mobile Video Workshop

  4. Casting Call — Actors for FamilyPoint Cymru

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 4th Oct 2016

  5. TheSprout’s New Shoots: OCD Takes Over & Time For Time Credits

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 9th Nov 2016

    OCD: Only Cardiffians’ Disorders

    TheSprout, Cardiff’s online magazine and information site for young people (run by ProMo-Cymru with young people), marked two significant mental health awareness dates in October with youth-driven content.

    By encouraging young people’s stories, advice, creative writing… whatever…, TheSprout joined in on World Mental Health Day (10th October) and OCD Awareness Week (9th-15th October).

    “You can overcome OCD, just like you can overcome any addiction”

    – #MyStory: OCD (a truly brilliant piece on OCD: what, why and hope).

    Any young person can share anything on their mind (keep it clean, please!) via TheSprout… for example, have you ever read an OCD poem?

    “OCD has a hold on me. I like to check the door, then the key:

    Door handle-key, door handle-key, door handle-key, door handle-key

    Door handle-key… “Nope, that’s not quite sitting right on me”…

    Door handle-key… “Nope, I didn’t check the handle fully”…”

    – continued at: Poem: OCD Has A Hold On Me.

    These pieces were also fittingly performed live as part of a multi-venue, several-month performance of Vexations, as an OCD UK fundraiser. Astonishingly, it is a single sheet of music composed by Eric Satie to be repeated 840 times!

    TheSprout has put down some of the best helplines, websites and organisations for mental health info and help for young people in Cardiff here. Please do share with anyone who could benefit.

    Time For Time Credits

    For the first time ever, in October, TheSprout offered Time Credits for content on a particular theme (you’ve guessed it… mental health!).

    We’d encourage other organisations to check out this “currency”, as reward and incentive for young people’s time.

    Carrots come in all shapes and sizes (very much like Sprouts of course), and here’s a full list of where Time Credits can be spent in South East Wales.

    For November, TheSprout’s youth-led steering group, the Sprout Editorial Group has decided Time Credits should be awarded for any bullying-related content, ahead of #ABW2016.


    Young peeps, as always, can submit here.

    It’s your shout, your Sprout. 

    All Mental Health articles written by young people

    That place again to submit

  6. Peaches & Personal Progress: My Month With ProMo

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 30th Sep 2016

    I’ve just come to the end of a brilliant month interning at ProMo-Cymru.

    I first encountered ProMo as a young person, in Year 9 at school, and have been involved as a volunteer ever since. TheSprout staff at the time completely inspired me to get into music journalism and events management, and I even talked about it in my interview at Cambridge!

    Now aged 21, I still think TheSprout is one of the coolest platforms out there in the UK for young people to have their say, in their way. Sub-editing the site this month revealed just how much is going on in the capital right now, and as a writer myself reported on Roald Dahl’s City of the Unexpected and the Cardiff Hip-hop and Grime scene with help from Grassroots.


    Ready for a day of Witches and peaches at the City of the Unexpected.

    Writing up content for the FamilyPoint Cymru website, aimed largely at parents, was difficult as a student whose only contact with children is when Kid Ink comes on at parties. But I’ve learned how to apply my writing skills in different areas which was a really healthy challenge.

    Making weekly trips up to the Ebbw Vale Institute, one of the most historic buildings in South Wales, was a complete change from the Cardiff office. With help from Promo’s new EVS volunteer, Auguste, I’ve been putting together a video which celebrates what the cultural centre offers to the community.  


    Dai, EVI Manager,  giving me a history lesson: The institute was founded in 1853.

    I’m about to go back to Cambridge for my third year at uni, my month in Cardiff and Ebbw Vale Institute has been a breath of creative fresh air: ProMo-Cymru is a really wicked set of people doing important things in novel ways. I’d love to work with them again once I’ve graduated.

    Would you like to find out more about the way we work? Get in touch.

    More blogs like this:

    EVi – a great community space for all

    EU Referendum: Young Cardiffian Combats “Mainstream Misinformation”, With NATO Interviews, And More


  7. Casting Call – Young Actors/Actresses

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 19th Jul 2016

    We Need (Ages are approximations):

    Male aged 11-12 years
    Female aged 11-12 years

    Secondary roles:
    Males/females aged 11-12 years (approximately x5)


    Meic, the national advocacy, information and advice helpline for children and young people in Wales, is looking for young people to be a part of its latest video campaign.

    Meic needs one young woman and one young man, roughly at the age 11-12, with some acting experience, to act in a video to advertise the services that Meic provides, along with several young men and women in secondary roles.

    The story follows a boy and a girl and the troubles they face as they move to secondary school with help from Meic at this difficult time. As the video is silent, no script learning will be required, however there will be a voiceover which young people can read for us if they choose. As the video will be bilingual, Welsh speakers are more than welcome.


    Filming in Cardiff over two/three days (several hours each day) during the week of 25th July 2016 (we’ll try to accommodate your availability).

    Open casting on 21st of July, 4:30pm-5:30pm at Cardiff Central Library, 4th floor meeting room. If you cannot make this date but you are still interested, you can contact us at and we can try to arrange something.

    We will be giving £25 vouchers to everybody involved in the film, and you will have your name on a video that will be shared across Wales, including across Welsh Government.

    If you want to see an example of our previous work, check out our video here, which has been viewed over 2,000 times!

    Yn Cymraeg:

  8. Press Release: Social Media Health Warning Over Summer – From Meic

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 1st Jan 2015

    Social media is increasingly damaging young people’s mental health and self-esteem, with higher risks over the summer holidays, national helpline warns.

    More teenagers are suffering from mental health problems as they use social media more, a recent study from the Office for National Statistics has reported, and, with more free time to fill, young people are more susceptible to the harmful effects of social media over summer, warns Meic, the national helpline for children and young people in Wales.

    Along with cyberbullying, surveys by both Glasgow University and the National Citizen Service (NCS) have indicated that the pressure of both presenting oneself a certain way online and making oneself constantly available so as to not miss out is taking its toll on young people.

    Meic is aiming to tackle the effect of social media on young people as part of its new advice and awareness online campaign against peer pressure over the summer, which includes so-called fear of missing out (FOMO), body image, relationships, drinking, and more.

    Head of Meic, Stephanie Hoffman, says, “It can be difficult to remember the difference between what people present online and what is going on the rest of the time, and the expectations this creates for young people can be very harmful, particularly over the holiday/festival season, so that’s why we’re targeting summer with our campaign.” 

    Alys, a young person from Cardiff, says, “Social media can be really damaging because it makes you compare your own life to others’. For me, it can make me feel bad or down about my own life when I see my friends doing exciting things.”

    Furthermore, teenage girls, as the higher percentage of social media users, are not only more likely to be unhappy with their appearance but are also more likely to turn to social media when anxious or worried than to their parents, according to the NCS.

    Ms Hoffman says, “Social media often isn’t well-equipped to help these young people, which is why Meic is here to give them the support and advice they need when they feel they can’t speak to anyone.”

    Children and young people in Wales up to the age of 25 can contact Meic 8am to midnight, 365 days of the year by instant message, text, call or email.

    You can view all advice articles at and you can follow the whole campaign on Meic’s Facebook ( (@meiccymru) and Instagram (


    Notes for Editors:

    Meic staff available for interview, upon request.

    Meic is the information, advice and advocacy helpline for children and young people aged 0-25 in Wales, open 365 days a year. Young people can contact Meic by phone (080880 23456), text (84001), instant message ( or email ( between 8am and midnight.

    Meic is run by ProMo-Cymru and is funded by the Welsh Government. For further information, contact Stephanie Hoffman (Head of Meic) at or on 029 2000 4787.

  9. Radio Platfform: In conversation with…Charlotte Church

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 30th Jun 2016


    Radio Platfform was a pop-up radio station that broadcasted daily shows at 3-5pm as a part of the Festival of Voice in Wales Millennium Centre. All the shows were created by young people that went through the ProMo radio training – volunteers from theSprout, Valleys Kids, and Grassroots – they wrote the scripts and led the shows throughout the festival week. Featured in the shows were: previews and reviews of the Festival of Voice events, arts and music discussions, interviews with the stars and people of Cardiff and much more.

    You can find the Radio Platfform broadcasts online on here.

    Jordan, volunteer at TheSprout:

    “Personally, I found the Radio Platform project a huge success, bringing together a number of positive elements that that I felt both benefited me as an individual seeking to enter into a career in radio, and as a contribution to enhancing the WMC as a whole.

    “I do, with all honesty, believe that this kind of venture is exactly the kind of ground-roots project that can grow into something culturally important, a collaboration between so many different organisations (ProMo-Cymru, Wales Millennium Centre, Radio Cardiff) whilst giving the opportunity for inexperienced but passionate creatives to get on board without necessarily needing formal skills.”

    In conversation with…Charlotte Church

    Our EVS volunteer Anna took part in the Radio PlatFform project (run by Wales Millennium Centre), as part of the Festival of Voice.

    One of the events she attended was a contemporary reboot of The Little Mermaid – Charlotte Church’s musical The Last Mermaid, where Anna had an exclusive opportunity to interview the singer-songwriter about the show.


    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.56.34

    Were the skills put to good use?

    Anna: “The whole experience with ProMo-Cymru, the Festival of Voice and Radio Platfform was very educational. It was a perfect balance of theory and practice, and by the end of the week the volunteers involved could pretty much run the radio station by themselves.

    “As for my personal experience, the training made me a lot more confident about my skills as an interviewer and a radio presenter. When you learn the routine behind the broadcasting, and how long the whole journey takes from preparing the content to going on air, you become a lot more organized at what you do, and then there’s a lot more space for creativity and self-expression.”

    Want to learn more about ProMo-Cymru’s Festival of Voice Radio Training? Read the blog here!

  10. ProMo-Cymru @ WMC’s Festival of Voice

    by Dayana Del Puerto | 30th Jun 2016

    Earlier this month, Cardiff hosted a unique celebration of international talent, focussing exclusively on the voice. This awe-inspiring event was Wales Millennium Centre’s (WMC) inaugural Festival of Voice.

    Drawing in huge acts, such as Charlotte Church, John Cale and Bryn Terfel, the festival also aimed to engage young people in a rare opportunity: to cover the whole festival in a purpose-built radio station in the WMC foyer.

    We were invited to train groups from local organisations Grassroots, Valleys Kids and theSprout to prepare them for a whole week of live radio broadcast.

    ProMo-Cymru has an outstanding track record in engaging with young people through tailored projects and services like theSprout. We have developed and delivered projects that provide young people with a platform to magnify their voice, and to promote positive change on the communities and services that affect them.

    With a sound background in radio and multimedia formats, our Communications Manager, Arielle Tye, and Multimedia Officer, Dayana Del Puerto, were on hand to guide the young people through their training ahead of their debut: Preparing to Present Radio Broadcasting.

    The training was broadcast live through theSprout Facebook page, and involved:

    –> Showing young people how to speak to specific audiences – formal, non formal, etc.
    –> Learn about radio equipment
    –> Create and record their own news bulletin
    –> How to carry out interviews


    What’s next for Platfform radio?

    Jason Camilleri (WMC Creative Learning Officer) said:

    We are currently looking at what we will do with the radio moving forward, and will hopefully propose a plan soon. We would love the guys that were involved to continue in some way.”


    Want to find out more about Radio Platfform? Check out Anna’s blog!

    ProMo-Cymru can deliver several training packages, including:

    –> Create a Video production
    –> Animation (Claymation)
    –> Creative Writing with Poetry

    If you’d like us to deliver training to your organisation, please get in touch.